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Independent Living Solutions


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 Serving Six Counties:
Benton, Henry, Johnson, Lafayette, Pettis and Saline

History of WILS

In February of‭ ‬1996‭ ‬one woman who had a daughter with severe disabilities formed a group of citizens who had disabilities themselves or had family members with disabilities.‭ ‬The group shared their anguish and supported each other in trying to find resources and programs to assist people with disabilities. ‭ ‬Shortly after the group formed they began working towards establishing a Center for Independent Living in Warrensburg,‭ ‬Missouri.‭ ‬At the time only ten such centers throughout Missouri were providing independent living skills training,‭ ‬information and referral,‭ ‬peer support,‭ ‬and advocacy serves to individuals with disabilities.‭ ‬In the fall of‭ ‬1996‭ ‬Warrensburg Independent Living Solutions‭ (‬WILS‭)‬,‭ ‬a‭ ‬501‭ (‬3‭) ‬c non-profit Center for Independent Living was formed and covered Johnson County,‭ ‬Missouri. ‭ ‬Centers for Independent Living,‭ ‬often referred to as‭ “‬CILs‭” ‬are non-residential places of action and coalition where persons with disabilities learn empowerment and develop the skills necessary to make lifestyle choices.‭ ‬Within a couple of years Warrensburg Independent Living Solutions changed its name to West-Central Independent Living Solutions‭ (‬WILS‭) ‬and expanded their services to cover six‭ (‬6‭) ‬counties in the State of Missouri through their Warrensburg office.

Today,‭ ‬WILS is one of twenty-two‭ (‬22‭) ‬CIL’s in Missouri with the home office in Johnson County and satellite offices located in Benton,‭ ‬Henry,‭ ‬Lafayette,‭ ‬and Pettis Counties.‭ ‬This gives our staff of‭ ‬44‭ ‬greater access to the over‭ ‬625‭ ‬clients served and giving the clients a more personal service.

Following the Independent Living Philosophy of Choice,‭ ‬Control and Change‭; ‬WILS strives to empower people with disabilities to achieve and maintain their independence by connecting people with disabilities to community resources enabling them to live as independently as possible.‭ ‬Through community education and advocacy,‭ ‬WILS works to encourage the removal of architectural and attitudinal barriers to allow full inclusion of people with disabilities in community life.‭ ‬WILS envisions a community where all individuals can participate fully without barriers.

WILS receives an annual Independent Living grant through the Missouri Department of Elementary‭ & ‬Secondary Education‭ (‬DESE‭)‬,‭ ‬Vocational Rehabilitation‭ (‬VR or Voc Rehab‭) ‬Services and must comply with the‭ ‬Center for Independent Living Compliance Manual.‭ ‬Oversight of our center’s financials is completed through an annual audit by an independent auditing firm and oversight of the centers programs is conducted every two‭ (‬2‭) ‬years through a Voc Rehab audit.