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Independent Living Solutions


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 Serving Six Counties:
Benton, Henry, Johnson, Lafayette, Pettis and Saline

Ramp Construction Program



WILS will assist in the modifications to the entrance of a home so it is accessible to a person with a disability. WILS will provide the material for the ramp to qualified participant; we have a full time ramp builder on staff and WILS will coordinate volunteers to assist. Ramps must be built according to ADA specifications; our consumer’s safety is first and foremost.


WILS budget is limited and need is high. WILS will be able to assist only those requests made while funds for the program are available. The Director of Program Services along with the ramp coordinator and ramp builder review all request for ramp construction and prioritize based on each consumers need.



v  Must have a physical disability

v  Must reside in our service area

v  Must meet our income guideline

Household Size    150% Monthly
 1   $17,235 1436
 2   23,265 1938
 3   29,295 2441
 4   35,325 2943
 5   41,355 3446
 6   47,385 3948
 7   53,415 4451
 8   59,445 4953
 For each additional person,   add   $6,030  

v  Need for ramp must be directly related to disability to increase independence

v  Does not have other resources for needed ramp or ramp is short-term (for portable ramps)