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 Serving Six Counties:
Benton, Henry, Johnson, Lafayette, Pettis and Saline

Telecommunications Access Program


The Telecommunications Access Program includes the Telecommunication Access Program for Telephone (TAP-T) and Telecommunications Access Program for Internet (TAP-I). Equipment is provided by Missouri Assistive Technology and can be demonstrated at the WILS office.


TAP-T provides access to basic voice telephone calling (both sending and receiving) through delivery of adaptive telephone equipment. The program offers such equipment as text telephones, voice carry over phones, hearing carry over, amplified phones, Braille phones, hands free phones and photo phones.


TAP-I provided to Missourians who cannot use traditional computer equipment necessary for basic access to the internet or email such as speech to text or text to speech. The program has equipment such as screen enlargement software, screen readers, adaptive keyboard or alternative pointing devices for example a trackball or rollerball.



v  Must be a Missouri Resident

v  Must have telephone service for TAP-T. TAP for  internet (TAP-I) must have a computer and internet service.

v  Must have certified disability that prevents you from accessing or effectively using back telephone services with standard telephone equipment

v  Your annual adjusted income cannot exceed $60,000 for an individual plus a second exemption, spouse or dependent. For each additional dependent claimed, $5,000 can be added to the $60,000 base level.