WILS Leadership Team

Serving Benton, Henry, Johnson, Lafayette, Pettis and Saline County, Missouri.

The WILS leadership team is composed of members with a strong desire to provide independent living solutions, service, and information.

Contact the Leadership Team:

Executive Director: Deb Hobson
Email: dhobson@w-ils.org
Telephone: 800-236-5175 ext. 101

Associate Executive Director: Allison Easterwood
Email: aeasterwood@w-ils.org
Telephone: 800-236-5175 ext. 111

Director of Finance: Ralna Purdy
Email: rpurdy@w-ils.org
Telephone: 800-236-5175 ext. 102

Director of Information Technology: Travis Snell
Email: tsnell@w-ils.org
Telephone: 800-236-5175 ext. 99

Director of Administration: Kathy Kapfer
Email: kkapfer@w-ils.org
Telephone: 800-236-5175 ext. 104

Director of Marketing: Amy Jenkins
Email: ajenkins@w-ils.org
Telephone: 800-236-5175 ext. 115

Director of Independent Living: Kathy Wyatt
Email: kwyatt@w-ils.org
Telephone: 800-236-5175 ext. 103

Senior CDS Supervisor – East: Jackie Kabler
Email: jkabler@w-ils.org
Telephone:  866-558-5588 ext. 214

CDS Supervisor – West: Angelica Fisher
Email: afisher@w-ils.org
Telephone:  800-236-5175 ext. 122