WILS Programs

Serving Benton, Henry, Johnson, Lafayette, Pettis and Saline County, Missouri.
Where there's a WILS, there's a way. Services.

Reach out for assistance with advocacy skills. Learn to speak up and clearly communicate.

Assistive Technology
The use of mobility aids, hearing, visual, or cognitive assistance aids can make everyday tasks easier.

Benefits Check
You may qualify for additional benefits. Learn how to take advantage of available programs and services.

Bucket List Club
WILS Bucket List Club bus trips encourages active participation, adventure, and learning.

Care at Home
Use your Medicaid benefits to receive care at home from someone you know using WILS CDS program.

Life Skills
Learn how to be in control of your own life as your needs or abilities change.  Try new things, set, and meet goals.

WILS constructs ADA wheelchair ramps. Payment or co-payments may be required for ramp materials.

Use WILS network to discover new places. Disability information and resources are easier to find when you reach out to WILS.

Show-Me Home
Nursing home residents can move out of a care facility and back to their home with additional care and support.

Schedule appointments for accessible transportation services to access health and wellness needs.

WILS Emergency Assistance
This is a limited program, and the need must be dire and all other avenues for help have been exhausted.

WILS Family Stories
Read testimonials from participants, meet the ‘Wils’ characters, and learn how their family is living life their way. The WILS Way.

Learn the skills you need to run a household, manage time while taking college courses, or enter the workforce.