Disability Information and Referral

Serving Benton, Henry, Johnson, Lafayette, Pettis and Saline County, Missouri.
Where there's a WILS, there's a way to access resources.


Disability information and referral resources are easier to find when you reach out to WILS specialists.  Through a network of resources, WILS services offers individuals information on disability issues, referring consumers to the appropriate people at WILS or other agencies, for assistance with concerns an individual may have, or a wide range of disability-related topics.

Let WILS assist you in making a connection to valuable community disability resources and allow us to support you in your independence.  For WILS disability information and referral resources, please call 855-945-7929 or send an email to info@w-ils.org.

Disability Information and Referral Resources

  • Learning about options you may have for personal care and in-home support as you plan to leave a nursing home or hospital
  • Finding affordable and accessible housing
  • Learning about how you can acquire assistive technology and communication equipment
  • Planning your child’s education plan, particularly as he or she nears high school graduation through Youth Transition services
  • Obtaining and directing Care at Home services
  • Finding out about accessible transportation services
  • Obtaining and maximizing benefits
  • Setting career goals in a current or future job or finding employment
  • Addressing communication needs due to a language or communication barrier
  • Understanding your civil rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act or Fair Housing laws
  • Helping people understand your disability and ways to accommodate disabilities
  • Appealing a decision from a housing, educational or medical provider or an employer

Connect to Disability Resources in Missouri

Information and Referral Resources Benefits

  • 100% of individuals who received information and referral resources were satisfied with the assistance they received
  • 81.6% gained knowledge
  • 89.5% stated the service made a positive change in their life
  • “Gave me CDS information which allowed me to access service I did not know about before.”
  • “With the referral I was able to get a shower chair.”
  • “WILS gave me resources for therapist, now I have more independence because I can walk without any assistance.”
  • “Helped me get help with my utilities.”
  • “I was able to get my electricity bill paid down to a lower amount through WILS.”
  • “Helped me to get my life back.”
  • “Helped me to know where to go for legal services, and where to go for food assistance.”
  • “Gave me information about what is out there if I need assistance.”
  • “Everything about WILS is positive.’
  • “I learned how I could remain living independently in my own home.”
  • “Helped me get transportation.”
  • “Helped me live a better life and I feel better about myself too.”
  • “WILS was able to find another agency that could help me.”