Telecommunications Access Program TAP

Serving Benton, Henry, Johnson, Lafayette, Pettis and Saline County, Missouri.

TAP into WILS Telecommunications Access Program by calling 855-WILSWAY or visiting W-ILS.orgWhat is the Telecommunication Access Program?

Missouri’s Telecommunication Access Program (TAP) provides equipment to qualifying individuals who have difficulties using the phone because of a disability. Having Trouble Hearing on the Telephone? WILS may be able to help.  The Missouri TAP for Telephone program is designed to provide a full range of adaptive equipment to meet the needs of individuals with all types of disabilities. The TAP program is administered by Missouri Assistive Technology. WILS TAP is a certified demonstration site and has TAP certified agents who will demonstrate the TAP phones for your specific needs and ensure the TAP phone will meet your communication goal and assist qualified individuals with the application process. Once the demonstration and application are completed and approved your TAP phone will be delivered to your residence. Individuals may qualify for a new TAP phone every four years, during this period TAP phones will be under warranty for repairs.

Am I eligible for the Telecommunication Access Program?

  • You must be a Missouri resident
  • You must have a hearing, visual, or mobility impairment
  • Have telephone service in your home
  • Have an annual household income under $60,000 for two people; with $5,000 being added for each additional dependent.

What does the Telecommunication Access Program provide?

TAP provides adaptive equipment and technology includes voice carry over phones, phones for hearing carry over, signaling devices, amplified phones, and hands-free phones. The program does not provide devices such as hearing aids and augmentative communication devices.

How do I apply for and select the adaptive equipment?

Contact a WILS TAP Specialist by calling 855-WILSWAY to schedule an appointment for an assistive technology demonstration.