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CILs First FAQ

Please see this document ( which provides instruction on 3 reports CDS/IL specialists can run within CILs First to ensure accurate data is being captured.

  1. Click Reports in the navigation menu at the top of the page
  2. Select Consumer Phone Numbers by Case Worker from the list of reports
  3. Select your name from the list in the Staff field
  4. Select Yes from the list in the Active Consumer field
  5. And Click the Run Report

The report should open in a new browser tab. The list can be printed or saved to PDF.

This FAQ will walk you through the steps of  how to save a copy of the signed individual services record (previously known in CIL Manager as a narrative) From CILs First to your S Drive and transfer it to Document Locator using Document Profiler.

  • Search for a consumer by last name.
  • Open their record
  • To add a consumer or staff signature, click the Add Signature button.
  • If document requires consumer’s signature, type the consumer’s name in the Title field. Ask them to use the mouse, stylus or finger to sign on the line. Click Save Signature to complete the process.
  • If the document requires staff signature, click the Add Signature button. Type your name and title in the Title field. Click Save Signature to complete the process.
  • All signatures are time and date stamped.
  • Click the Print button to view a printable version of the data.
  • Click on the Tools menu (the gear icon in Internet Explorer). Click Print on the first and Print again on the following menu.
  • Select PDF Creator as the printer.
  • Click the Print button
  • Change the Filename field to reflect the document type in Document Locator. Be sure add the current date & time to avoid errors. An example would be narrative0927181139. 
  • Copy this and paste it in the Title field.
  • Confirm that the Folder field is S:\
  • Click the Save button.
  • Minimize CILs First and open Document Profiler. 
  • Confirm that the Select Source Folder field is S:\
  • For the Select Destination Folder field, click the button with 3 dots and navigate to the Narratives Pending folder.
  • Click the Save button

Here is a link to the companion video tutorial:

From CILs First support:

For services, only those services provided to intake consumers are counted, and instead of being a count of services, it is a count of consumers receiving this service.  The exception is for I&Rs, in which you are allowed to count I&Rs provided to other types of consumers besides Intake consumers.  The wrinkle becomes that, even though we are supposed to count people and not straight services, this is different with the I&Rs to non-intake consumers because there are also anonymous consumers who cannot be counted in an unduplicated way since centers can’t identify them each time they call. 

When centers would questions their numbers, it was very easy for the report writer to get the unduplicated count of consumers for each service type, except when it came to I&Rs.  At the request of several centers, we split the I&Rs provided to intake consumers (unduplicated count) from the I&Rs provided to non-intake consumers (service count) on the 704s for two reasons.  First is to make it easier for centers to double check and verify their numbers and the second reason is so that each center can decide whether they want to roll the I&Rs to non-intakes into the intake counts when submitting their reports.  Some centers actually do not want to roll them together and this makes it easy for those centers to identify the numbers that they want to use.

To keep it simple, most people just add the Intake consumer count with the non-Intake count before submitting the report.

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