Transition Services

Serving Benton, Henry, Johnson, Lafayette, Pettis and Saline County, Missouri.

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Transitions in life can happen at anytime, and they can be tricky to navigate without help or support.  WILS program focuses on two different types of transition services including: transitioning from an institution or nursing home to community living with the Show-Me Home program and transitioning youth from high school to continued education, the workplace, and life on their own with the Youth Services program.

Show-Me Home

This transition service assists individuals in transitioning from an institution to community living by developing support systems to transition safely and successfully back into their home.

Youth Services 

This individually tailored transition service helps youth transition into the next phase of their life.  It prepares students for their future through job skills, confidence, advocacy, money management,  independent living, and more.

Transitions Benefits

  • 100% of the individuals who received transition assistance were satisfied with the institutional diversion or nursing home transition services they received 
  • 100% stated they gained knowledge, skill and/or independence from the institutional diversion or nursing home transition services
  • 100% indicated the service made a positive change in their life
  • “Got me out of the nursing home and into my own home.”
  • “Gives me my independence.”
  • “Because it made it to where I could stay in my home with my family.”
  • “Due to the CDS program I have gained independence.”
  • “My CDS program is very helpful and I am very thankful for it.”
  • “I am able to remain living independently in my own home. I have not been admitted to the hospital while on my CDS program.”
  • “It allows me to live on my own.”